Instructor: Ms Zhu

It was not until attending the instructors’ conference in Japan then I realized there are so many Kumon instructors in the world. I feel more powerful now.

Kumon Is Not As Simple as I Thought

As far as I remember, I attended lots of training after the orientation. At that time I was attracted by Kumon worksheets. But soon I discovered many other special things about Kumon, such as the development of students’ abilities and habits. I believe it is not that simple.

For example, Kumon Math students can study Calculus step-by-step. Parents may think that the students are just studying. However, it also emphasizes students’ learning habits and work skills, which refer to the ability to finish worksheets in one go.

In order to nurture students in different aspects, instructors need to observe students’ study condition, assign worksheets and adjust their study progress reasonably. For those who are unfamiliar with Kumon, they may think that any instructors can teach well. But it may not work here in Kumon. To enhance students’ academic abilities, work skills and other abilities, individualized instruction is essential.

Gaining a Sense of Satisfaction in Nurturing Completers

During the past seven years as a Kumon instructor, the biggest achievement is having nurtured completers (students who finish the complete set of Kumon worksheets). Some of the completers were just primary one or two students when they enrolled. I am impressed that they could keep learning till the end. I want to thank their parents for their cooperation as well.

One completer was memorable for me. She has excellent learning ability. She was once quitted Kumon because she needed to transfer to another school. I was very frustrated at that time and feel disappointed that this brilliant kid did not continue her study here. But she came back in the end and became a completer. When she was sharing her study experience, she said that she realized the importance of perseverance. She said if she had not quitted at that time, she might have completed Kumon English (EFL) as well.

Like Kumon, sometimes you need to let children think. Children like to learn and they enjoy studying in Kumon. Whenever there are students completing the program, I feel happy for them, like what their parents did. Many completers come to help me every summer. They are my motivation of working as a Kumon instructor.

There Are So Many Kumon Instructors in the World

As a Kumon instructor in Shanghai, I thought I am one of only a few in this career. It was not until I participated in the instructors’ conference in Japan then I realized there are so many Kumon instructors in the world. I feel more powerful now.

What touches me the most is that many Kumon instructors in Japan have worked for over 10 years; some even have worked for more than 30 or 40 years. They are dedicating their lifetime in pursuing the career in Kumon, which inspires me a lot. What kind of career is worth dedicating my lifetime? At that time, those instructors who went to the conference with me were touched as well. We all think that we need to carry on and work harder in Kumon.