Good News! Kumon has developed to 51st country and region!

In October 2018, the first Kumon centre in the Republic of Poland was opened in its capital of Warsaw. For Kumon, Poland is the 51stcountry/region to launch. The centre was opened by Ms. Rosik, and here we would like to share with you her thoughts on Poland’s first Kumon centre.

Poland is located in central Europe. Approximately 38 million people live in a geographical area that is comparable to four-fifths of the size of Japan. The country faces the Baltic Sea in the north, Russia’s exclave, Kaliningrad, and Lithuania in the northeast, Belarus and Ukraine in the east, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the south, and Germany in the west. In its capital of Warsaw, Poland’s first Kumon centre was opened in October 2018.

Stepping into the First Kumon Education Center in Poland

(The First Kumon Education Center in Poland)

Ms. Rosik was inspired by her nephew living in the UK

It was her nephew, Cameron, who gave Ms. Rosik the opportunity to open the Kumon centre in Poland:

“I studied maths and English at Kumon for seven years, starting from the age of eight. At the time of my enrolment in Kumon, I had difficulties with maths and English at school. But by the sixth grade in primary school, I became one of the best students in maths. As I gained revision skills and thinking ability through Kumon, I could get excellent grades on all exams at school. Now I am 16 years old and working as an assistant at the centre.”

Ms. Rosik first came to know of Kumon through such Cameron’s success.Miss Rosik’s nephew is now 16 years old and works as an assistant in the Kumon education center. Taking a look back at the journey of learning Kumon, he shared, “I started learning Kumon Math and English since I was 8, and it has been over 7 years. When I first started Kumon, my grades in Math and English at school were very bad. However, my Math has been making great progress and made it to the top list of the school when I was in Primary 6. Kumon cultivates my ability to think, so no matter what exam I take at school, I can achieve a very good grade.”

(The First Kumon Education Center in Poland)

Ms. Rosik’s thoughts

“Soon after children enrol in Kumon, they start developing by themselves through the method. I am always pleasantly surprised to see how they progress,” says Ms. Rosik. Through Kumon, she finds what she truly enjoys doing – developing children.

After opening her centre, she says, “As a Kumon Instructor, and as a human, I want to keep finding satisfaction from this job and keep developing myself. Through implementing Kumon’s philosophy to our life, I want to keep changing our life for the better.”

We are looking forward to seeing the further development of both Ms. Rosik and her students.

(Miss Rosik is giving instruction to a child)

Spreading Across the World

The Kumon Method, which is originated in Japan, is now available in 51 countries and regions all around the world. After 60 years of development, it has spread across 6 continents. Let us review Kumon’s global development.

1974 - The Kumon Method developed oversea, and the first overseas Kumon Math Center is opened in New York.

1980 - An affiliated company is established in São Paulo, Brazil.

An affiliated company is established in Düsseldorf, Germany.
1982 - An affiliated company is established in Los Angeles, USA.

1984 - An affiliated company is established in Sydney, Australia.

1996 - An affiliated company is established in Johannesburg, South Africa.

2007 - Kumon China regional headquarters is established in Hong Kong, China.


2018 - Kumon celebrates the 60th anniversary of its founding.

The first education center in Poland is opened.

(Kumon in the World)

Step by Step | Kumon is Moving Forward in China

Now let’s turn our perspective from the world back to China. What are the new developments that Kumon has made in China in 2018?

First of all, more and more education centers are opened; Kumon is getting closer and closer to children in China.

(Part of the New Kumon Education Centers of Kumon China in 2018)

In addition, in May 2018, Shenzhen Branch Office, Kumon Guangdong was established. A new member is added to Kumon China; it allows us to provide better assistance to all Kumon instructors, and provide the learning opportunity to more children.

(Shenzhen Branch Office, Kumon Guangdong)

In October 2018, the 12th Kumon China Instructors Conference was held with great success in Hong Kong, China, with the number of attendance breaking all previous records.

(The 12th Kumon China Instructors Conference was held successfully.)

In November 2018, Kumon Advanced Student Honour Roll (ASHR) Ceremonies were held successfully in four regions of Kumon China, encouraging all Kumon children to move forward to their goals.

(ASHR Ceremonies in four regions of Kumon China)

From the perspective of “Kumon in the World” or “Kumon in China”, the year 2018 could be called a fruitful year. In 2019, we believe that more good news is coming, and more children will be benefitted from learning the Kumon Method, acquiring self-learning ability and becoming smarter.

(Children Learning Kumon all Over the World)